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Weavings & Fibre Art

Coiling, twining, random weave

Weaving for me is almost meditative. I started it when I became ill in my 20s and it was and still is a form of art therapy for me. I love texture. When I buy clothing, I have to feel the fabric before I will even pick it off the shelf. In my weaving I have learned various techniques…. Coiling, twining, random weave. As well I use knitting and crochet. My favourite is the random weave technique as it allows such a freedom of form. I weave both utilitarian items such as baskets and sculptural forms including hanging wall art. I collect most of the materials for weaving from foraging in my garden, bush walks and collecting from my kind neighbours. They provide me with grape vine, ivy, palm and other vines. I also like to recycle. Baling hay twine is great for lots of things including coiled basketry. Onion and lemon bags, plastic rings from bottle tops, old wiring and electrical cords as well as cutting up old clothes no longer being worn. I am happy I can stop just a little from ending up in landfill and reuse it to make something useful.


Gallery of all work

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