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Dianna Kellerman

 Eclectic artist, teacher, chaos interpreter, beauty reflector.

There is no limit to exploring the world through creating.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do in creating it.


Paintings & Mixed Media

I love experimenting and exploring using different combinations of media. My mixed media works are a base of perhaps a textural medium on different surfaces, combined with acrylic or watercolours, pastels, inks, pen, gouache then perhaps adding in fibres, natural foraged plants, silks and other materials. Layers of colour, layers of texture combined with vibrant colours or soft moody hues are dictated by the visions I have for each work.

Weaving & Fibre Art

Coiling, twining, random weave. As well I use knitting and crochet. My favourite is the random weave technique as it allows such a freedom of form. I weave both utilitarian items such as baskets and sculptural forms including hanging wall art.

Classes & Workshops

Because I see things and they hit me so I react emotionally to the world. I see visions and I have to express them in a way that other people can see and hopefully feel some of the things that I feel.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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